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What If Your CFO (Or Accounting Director) Leaves?

April 1, 2016

The job market in the Kansas City area is strong and active. It is no secret that we have a popular place to live and work.

It seems as though that is especially the case for Chief Financial Officers and other key accounting personnel. The market for those individuals is very good right now, and that is certainly the case in this area. 

In addition to those positions being attractive to people who currently live in other locations, they are also attractive to people who live here already. That is easy to understand when you realize that salary levels are showing significant increases for high-quality accounting and financial professionals.

For many area businesses, this situation is creating some significant risk. Having your CFO or key accounting personnel attracted to another firm can create a major amount of anxiety. That comes from the loss of institutional knowledge as well as the risk of finding their qualified replacement in the shortest amount of time, while assuring that he or she will have the necessary skills as well as fit into your corporate culture.

Searches for senior management positions can take time. There is not only the process of finding candidates and making the selection, but the time required for them to get “up to speed” with what is happening in your operation.

The headaches and risks associated with a key accounting personnel transition can be managed by considering some creative options to support the process. One such solution can be the use of Fullerton CPAs’ accounting and CFO services. These services allow all of the important processes and activities to be maintained on time and with the utmost professionalism while you proceed with your search. Furthermore, we can assist you in hiring a qualified candidate through the interview process. Dayla is a certified Human Resources professional with many years of hiring experience.

Fullerton CPAs has experience providing this service for a variety of Kansas City companies in various industries. Being located here means that we can provide the professional support needed, respond on short notice, and due to our experience with your firm in the process, we can help make the transition more efficient, as well as continue providing support and oversight after the new hire.

Fullerton CPAs has been making a positive difference in the financial experience of our clients for many years. Our accounting, CFO services and human reources consulting are just three of the services we provide. Contact Scott Fullerton, Partner, at Fullerton CPAs (816) 224-4195.

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