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Missouri Business Tax Credit

Scott Fullerton

October 29, 2018

The Missouri Work Opportunity Tax Credit Program offers tax credits to businesses that hire employees from a variety of target groups. All new hires can fill out the described forms to determine if the employer is eligible for the credit. Below are the steps:


1.      All hired employees may fill out IRS Form 8850 to determine if they answer yes to a variety of statements.

          a.       If one or more boxes are checked, move to ETA Form 9061 to determine the appropriate target group.

          b.      If no boxes are checked, stop here. This individual will not qualify for WOTC.

2.      The “Gave Information” date on the forms must be on or before the “Was Offered Job” date.

3.      The IRS requires the forms to be postmarked by the 28th day after the employee’s start date, or the application for the credit will be rejected.

4.      Employee and Employer signatures on all forms must be current and original. Other portions of the form, like Employer Information, may be pre-typed.

5.      The Work Opportunity Tax Credit may be claimed by filing IRS Form 5884 (attached).


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